21 Feb 2018

I was in search of a job and you won’t believe where I got my dream Job.

My name is Jason. Today for the first time I am present with a story in front of you.

Things are about the days when I went to Dubai in search of work. There was a friend of mine, I lived in the same room with him. In Dubai, I searched for work all day long. But till now I had no work.

In the end, I was thinking of going back home but thought of finding more work on the last day.

In the morning, after eating food I came out to find work. No work until the evening. Then tired and going back to the room, only then I saw that a Dubai Escorts is lying in front of me. I ran towards her and saw there was no other famous Escort in Dubai, Arooj. Her car had collided with a tree, so she fell out of the car and had a Sprain on her feet.

Arooj told me- you call a number from your phone. My phone has fallen into the bushes somewhere.

I said –Let me help you first to stand.

I supported her and let her sit in the car.

Then I said - My phone is not charged, you say so I can reach you at your house, I get driving.

Arooj said after thinking something - OK.

Now we were off. Then that Escort Dubai asked me my name, so I said - My name is Jason.


I said - Arooj Ji, I am your big fan. Please give an autograph as well.

Dubai Escort Arooj said - You have helped me, I will give autographs to you, if you need anything else other than this, then tell.

I thought I am already in search of work and Madam is asking me that if there was a need, then tell me. I started blinking the eyelids while looking at her face through the rear-view mirror.

Then Arooj who works for Dubai Escort Service asked- What do you do?

I said - I am only looking for work.But I have not got so far, so I'm going back to the village tomorrow.

So Arooj said- Will you work at my house?

I said - what's your work?

So Arooj said: Will you work as my driver?You already are driving very nicely. A downstairs room in my house is also empty. You can stay there as well. I hope most of the issues will be solved by that.

I became very happy.

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