15 Feb 2018

My interview with one of the Callgirls in Dubai – a real appointment.

Friends, my name is Robin and I am basically from South Africa. Well, I am 20 years old now and I have come to America to study journalism.

Well, I am the average muscle guy. I have had heard about Dubai Escorts  a lot and have been very much interested in talking to one. 

This is my first story that I am putting in front of you.
Things are about those days. When I was new to Dubai and there were many girls in our hostels. I was surprised to see them. But I was very much eager to know and meet a Dubai Escort. Their chests were very big and curvy. Many times, I used to fantasize by thinking about them.

Dubai Escorts

When we got a subject for journalism, I chose the subject of a porn star. So now I had to meet Rosy, one of the Pakistani Escorts in Dubai. She works with an escort agency http://www.escortssouq.com/.

Well, I had seen many of her stories and have heard of about her from many of the clients might have been served. So, when I got her appointment I was very happy.

I got a call from her office and got the time. I gave a time of ten o'clock.So, I got ready and came out.
I reached the office. Then her secretary said - Madam is busy - you sit. I was really excited to see her I had seen her photos. I knew she is famous with one of the names as Escorts in Marina.

I sat there and started to wait and it was 11 o'clock. Then the secretary called in from inside and I was called inside.

What should I tell friends? As soon as I entered, my cock jumped so loudly that I kept watching all of the insides. All the pictures of the amazing model were hanging over there. There were lots of things written like Escorts services Dubai. I guess she used to provide services in there too. When I saw her photographs then my senses were flying.

Escorts in Dubai

At that time, Rosy probably came out of the bathroom and called her secretary and said - you go home now.
When I saw him, I was left to see Escort Dubai – Rosy.She was wearing a low-cut top. Her chest was clearly visible from that.
I was very bad lately and we started talking.

Rosy - hello
I- I wanted some information about you.
Rosy- Yes why not.Please ask.

I- When did you start this work of Dubai Escort Service?
Rosy - when I was 21 years old.

Likewise, for a long time, he answered my questions, which made me work, now it was only to get some photos.

I- Can I take your photo?
Rosy, Escorts service Dubai- Why not.Take it.

When I got up to take a photo, then her attention went to my pants and she asked - are you okay?

She got up from his chair and came to me. I was the first time seeing any Escorts in Alnahda. I was completely amazed.

That was my bad situation already.And as soon as she came to me I started sweating out of Hesitation.

She placed her hand on my hand and started saying –You are big enough. Any Escorts in Dubai will fall for you. 

She started smiling at me and put her hand on my pants and what did I do?

I felt very scared and I got out of there.

Then she, Escorts in Burdubai said - do not be afraid. There is no one else except the two of us.

She took my hand and put it on her chest. Then my fear became even less and I slowly started pressing her curves. 

She was sitting on the table and what was being done loudly to me. Now I too was pressing her mamas and how was she doing it tightly.

I will like to stop this story here. Will continue it in my next post. Also, after completing this I will also write a blog about my appointment with an Indian Escorts in Dubai. Till then keep reading.

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