16 Apr 2018

First Good time with Escorts in Dubai – how we do it.

My name is Raymond, I am 22 years old, and I am a resident of India.

I am very good to see, I am the owner of 5 feet 6 inches, blonde color, fit body and some hidden strengths.

Although there were many offers in the school and college, I have never been interested in all these things and never said yes to any Dubai Escorts, just take time out in fun with friends.

It was a year ago that I was in the second year of college.

We were making friends in college and we were talking about three girls, they had a second section, one of them was named Dubai Escort.

Talking on the first day, Pallavi was being seen and she was so beautiful that I did not even notice her from her.

His figure should have been 34-28-34, with a completely white, long hair and pink lips.

By talking a while we had asked each other's name and then we went to our own house. When I saw on Facebook, Callgirls in Dubai request came. Then I thought that girl is interested in me.

We both talked that day and became good friends in a few days.

We used to share all the things with each other.

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One day Pallavi and I were talking in the park sitting in the park. My eyes fell on her cheeks, due to her thighs being big, I was looking for her shorts.

Seeing this sexy look, my Escort Dubai stood.

I took his phone like this and saw something in it and kept the phone in its dock.

When he picked up the phone, his hand was on my cock, but he said nothing.

When I went home, Pallavi sent me a message and asked- When I was taking a call, what did she have done so hard in my hand?

I said - Escorts in Marina was whatever she was.

She started to say to me - I have to see it now.

I did not think it was right to send the photo but when he insisted on sending him some porn video.

After some time when no reply came to him, I called him.

A while after lifting the phone, the voice came - Escorts in JBR.

I understood what he was doing and I started video calling.

On the phone I saw that he was completely naked, his looks and teeth were visible. I asked her to show her pussy and started licking her cunt.

Now both of us were fighting each other with their Escorts in Alnahda. She had been doing so for a long time, she quickly got flown to me and she disconnected the phone.

I too fell asleep as I slept.

After that whenever we get a chance in college, if we get a place, then we both begin to Escorts in Burdubai.

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