7 Dec 2018

Special Promo Escorts Dubai

All Escorts in Dubai published on our website with the distinctive "Promo" in relation to the "Winter Promo" that we launched these Winter months have been a resounding success, so from our luxury Dubai Escort agency we have decided to expand this offer throughout the autumn so that those who have not been able to enjoy these benefits get to do so from now on, and those who have already benefited from these rates, you can continue doing it without problem in these months that come.

If you have ever dreamed of having a Barbie in your arms to caress her without stopping, kissing her and not ceasing to possess her, now you are in luck, because that is Rosy, our Escort in Dubai with the most beautiful eyes of the city and with a Profile of "doll" with which you can not stop imagining doing everything. Of everything? Yes, of all, since she is one of our hottest companions and likes to perform all kinds of services, in fact she is one of the few collaborators of our agency that practices Arabic without problems and that also enjoys it to the fullest.

Without doubt, in this way, we can adjust to all your needs and further expand our circle of friends ... Yes we want to remind you of the conditions to which this promotion is subject, that is, that you know all the information in detail so that there is no place to any kind of confusion about it. Our Escorts in Dubai, as you know, offer their services for a minimum fee of 1000 AED per hour as a minimum and do not offer their benefits for shorter duration, however, some of our collaborators have temporarily agreed to provide their company promotional form for the amount of 800 AED per hour (they do not perform services for a shorter duration). You must remember that only the girls who present as a subtitle under their cover photo the "PROMO" badge are the ones you can select to enjoy these prices with their consequent discount. In any case, if you have any questions or concerns, call us and we will explain everything exactly.


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